Healthy Beats – Your Phone as Your Heart Monitor!


Healthy Beats is your very own simple and easy-to-use heart rate monitor. This app is great for anyone who wants to keep track of their heart rate anywhere, and at anytime. All you need is an Android phone with a built-in camera and flash. Healthy Beats uses your device’s built-in camera to take pictures of your fingertip, and calculate your heart’s rhythm.




Healthy Beats App for Android by iXtentia, 3.7 out of 5 based on 79 ratings.

Directions for Use

  • Hold the device in your palm, place your finger on the camera such that it covers the flash and the camera lens.
  • Tap “Start”
  • The countdown will start from 10 – on reaching ‘0’, the heart beat rate will be calculated and displayed.
  • This will be refreshed every 5 seconds until you tap “Done”.
  • To do this all over again, tap “Start”.
  • On tapping “Back”, confirm whether you want to exit the app.

Featured In

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